DeepX took GOAT from a dockless scooter idea, to a brand, and to launch in record time. Comparable solutions took other companies 6-9 months to develop. With a critical deadline that involved countless complex tasks (software design, hardware design, machine learning) DeepX was able to deliver a full product launch and operation within 7 weeks.

We created the world’s first platform to enable anyone, anywhere, to buy and rent their own dockless scooter fleet. Incorporating natural elements of the city and mixing it with an exquisite typography brought life not only to the set of shapes used in the pattern, but to a whole visual identity. GOAT’s launch in Austin attracted national attention from the likes of Mashable, TechCrunch and StatesMan before being acquired.

While GOAT was acquired before it could expand to other cities, we were able to leverage the national attention and capture users across the country prior to launching in their market. The application would collect user info, allow GOAT to notify users of an upcoming launch, and provide data on future market demand.

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